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Age of Wonders 4 has 44 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's Steam profile. The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy, while some are more difficult.

It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam (for more precise numbers one can use the Steam web API).

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Description
Achievement A Wonderful Discovery.jpg A Wonderful Discovery Clear an Ancient Wonder.
Achievement Against the Odds.jpg Against the Odds Win a high risk battle using manual combat.
Achievement Arch Mage.jpg Arch Mage Unlock a Tier V Astral Affinity tome.
Achievement Betrayal Most Foul.jpg Betrayal Most Foul In "Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders," wage war against Sundren.
Achievement Bone Peddler.jpg Bone Peddler Sell the remains of a hero in the crypt.
Achievement Crimson Caldera.jpg Crimson Caldera Complete "Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera."
Achievement Digging for Treasure.jpg Digging for Treasure Excavate a province in the Underground.
Achievement Enchanted Archipelago.jpg Enchanted Archipelago Complete "Rise of the Godir: The Enchanted Archipelago."
Achievement Eternal Lord.jpg Eternal Lord Unlock a Tier V Shadow Affinity tome.
Achievement Fiery Friend.jpg Fiery Friend Own a dragon.
Achievement From Friends to Family.jpg From Friends to Family Integrate a Free City into your empire.
Achievement Full Ascension.jpg Full Ascension Win a game as a Champion.
Achievement God Emperor.jpg God Emperor Unlock a Tier V Order Affinity tome.
Achievement Grexolis.jpg Grexolis Complete "Rise of the Godir: Grexolis."
Achievement I Want to Break Free.jpg I Want to Break Free Renegotiate your freedom after becoming a vassal.
Achievement I'll Fight You All.jpg I'll Fight You All In "Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera," defeat all the contesting Godir through regular conquest.
Achievement Impenetrable Fortress.jpg Impenetrable Fortress Have a city with at least 150 Fortification Health.
Achievement In a Liege of Your Own.jpg In a Liege of Your Own Have 20+ Recruitment Points available in the Rally of the Lieges.
Achievement Intimidation Tactics.jpg Intimidation Tactics Cause at least 3 enemy units to rout during a single battle.
Achievement I've Got Everything I Need Right Here.jpg I've Got Everything I Need Right Here Reach an Expansion Victory.
Achievement Jack of All Tomes.jpg Jack of All Tomes Win the game having unlocked at least one tome of each of the six affinities
Achievement Lord of Chaos.jpg Lord of Chaos Unlock a Tier V Chaos Affinity tome.
Achievement Magical Synergy.jpg Magical Synergy Complete a collection of Magic Materials.
Achievement Manufactured War.jpg Manufactured War Start a moderately justified war using fabricated Grievances.
Achievement Master of Evilness.jpg Master of Evilness Lead a faction of dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos
Achievement My Final Form.jpg My Final Form Have your race undergo 3 race transformations.
Achievement One for All, All for One.jpg One for All, All for One Complete "Rise of the Godir: Grexolis" without any of your allies getting defeated.
Achievement Preparation Is Everything.jpg Preparation Is Everything Fill all the equipment slots of a single hero.
Achievement Pruning for Progress.jpg Pruning for Progress Unlock all Empire Skills of an Affinity of your choice.
Achievement Realm Estate.jpg Realm Estate Found your first city.
Achievement Return of the Wizard King.jpg Return of the Wizard King Win the game as a Wizard King.
Achievement Returning Circle.jpg Returning Circle Recruit all Wizards of Evermore to your Pantheon (Yaka, Nimue, Arachna, Fangir, Artica, and Karissa).
Achievement Seat of Power.jpg Seat of Power Complete all levels of the Wizard's Tower in a Tier 4 Throne City.
Achievement Secret Technique.jpg Secret Technique Choose a Signature Skill for a hero.
Achievement Snap Out of It!.jpg Snap Out of It! In "Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court," defeat Meandor through regular conquest.
Achievement Stronger Together.jpg Stronger Together Create an alliance with another Ruler.
Achievement The Creator.jpg The Creator Unlock a Tier V Materium Affinity tome.
Achievement The Eternal Court.jpg The Eternal Court Complete "Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court."
Achievement The Goddess of Nature.jpg The Goddess of Nature Unlock a Tier V Nature Affinity tome.
Achievement The Grey Wizard.jpg The Grey Wizard Lead a faction of hobbits (halflings) to victory as a human wizard king
Achievement The Magic That Empowers Me!.jpg The Magic That Empowers Me! Reach a Magic Victory.
Achievement There Can Only Be One!.jpg There Can Only Be One! Reach a Military Victory.
Achievement Valley of Wonders.jpg Valley of Wonders Complete "Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders."
Achievement Walls Cannot Stop Us.jpg Walls Cannot Stop Us Breach a city's walls.

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