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Age of Wonders 4

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Release date / Patch
2023-05-02 / 1.0

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Age of Wonders 4 is the 4th entry in the Age of Wonders main series. The series' signature blend is of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical combat. It was announced on 2023-01-19[1] and was released on 2023-05-02.

Game features[edit | edit source]

"Powerful Wizard Kings have returned to the realms to reign as gods among mortals. Claim and master the Tomes of Magic to evolve your people, and prepare for an epic battle that will determine the ages to come."

Rule a fantasy realm of your own design in Age of Wonders 4! Explore new magical realms and control a faction that grows and changes as you expand your empire with each turn. The series has emerged into a new age, evolving the game's iconic empire building, role-playing, and warfare to the next level. A new storytelling event system and hugely customizable empires provide an endlessly replayable experience, where each game adds a new chapter to your ever-growing saga.

DLC AoW4.png Create the Empire of Your Wildest Fantasies

  • Craft your followers by combining bodily forms, societal traits and arcane powers. Build anything from a clan of cannibal halflings to mystic moon elves, or recreate your favorite fantasy tropes.
  • Seek powerful tomes of magic to enchant your armies and evolve your people! See your people physically change as they morph into angelic beings or scions of chaos to face their enemies.
  • Seek glory through brutal domination, cunning alliances, or ultimate arcane knowledge, and write your legacy into the very fabric of the realm itself!

DLC AoW4.png Strategy Meets Role-Playing Like Never Before

  • Every choice opens up new possibilities and tactical advantages; deep, multilayered strategy allows you to try new tactics or explore new powers at every turn.
  • Tactical turn-based battles bring your armies to life, showcasing their power in an environment shaped by your decisions. From skirmishes with roaming monsters to vast sieges with dozens of units on each side, with the addition of a morale system and more features, every battle brings a fresh challenge.
  • Tremendous variety in empires, units, and environments keep the game endlessly replayable. Age of Wonders is more moddable and open-ended than ever in the series' history.

DLC AoW4.png Make Your Mark on a Vast, Reactive World

  • Explore a new realm with each game - or create your own! Challenge new variations and combinations of locations and features, from frozen wastelands ruled by ice queens to desolated ruins where dragons roam.
  • A new event system provides unexpected levels of storytelling for 4X games. See your decisions shape the world around you, from growing cities and roaming armies to world-warping magic effects.
  • Guide your empire to greatness - but the story doesn't end with your victory or defeat! Ascend your rulers to an in-game pantheon and unlock ways to further customize your experience. Encounter your own creations as potential rivals or allies in subsequent games, and experience the next chapter in your own story!

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Age of Wonders 4: Accolades trailer. Reviews are in!
Age of Wonders 4: Launch trailer. A brand new Age of Wonders is almost here!
Age of Wonders 4: Story trailer. The Wizard Kings return in the new story trailer for Age of Wonders 4.
Age of Wonders 4: Announcement trailer. Rule a fantasy realm of your own design in Age of Wonders 4! Explore new magical realms in Age of Wonders' signature blend of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical combat. Control a faction that grows and changes as you expand your empire with each turn.

Video diaries[edit | edit source]

Age of Wonders 4: Official soundtrack. AoW4's soundtrack composed by Michiel van den Bos, the composer of the "Age of Wonders" and "Overlord" series.

Devs play[edit | edit source]

Age of Wonders 4: Diplomacy gameplay. It's time to talk about Diplomacy! Join another Dev stream as we share more details on how you can interact with other rulers in the game.
Age of Wonders 4: Mystic Elves midgame gameplay. Join Bas and Tom from Triumph Studios as they go on playing by Mystic Elven and show the later stages of the game.
Age of Wonders 4: Mystic Elves gameplay. Join Bas and Tom from Triumph Studios and learn more about the faction creation process: they will create our own faction — Mystic Elven as voted by the community on Discord.
Age of Wonders 4: Evil Toad gameplay. Join Bas and Jordi from Triumph Studios and learn more about the faction creation process: they will create our own faction — Evil Toads as voted by the community on Discord.
Age of Wonders 4: Faction creation gameplay. Join Tom and Lennart from Triumph Studios and learn more about the faction creation process: they will create our own faction — classical Dwarfs. We will also have a deeper look into the Forms and traits they can have.
Age of Wonders 4: Announcement Show and Gameplay Reveal. Join Lennart and Jordi from Triumph Studios for the first look at Age of Wonders 4, the first sequel in nine years for the award-winning Age of Wonders fantasy strategy game series.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

AoW4 tutorial: Faction creation. PotatoMcWhiskey shows the infinite possibilities within Age of Wonders 4's custom faction creator. Whether you're making super-buff giant rats, necromantic dwarves, or arcane-wielding moles; this game has it all. Learn about faction form, traits, tomes, and leaders!
AoW4 tutorial: Realms. PotatoMcWhiskey showing off all the ways to make every single game interesting. Pick a realm to conquer, be it a pre-made option or create a custom one with many available parameters to choose form.
AoW4 tutorial: Magic and Tomes. PotatoMcWhiskey shows how to wield powerful magic via tomes the that you will choose. As your faction progresses you will unlock powerful new magics, transformations, and spells that will change how you fight, how you build, and even the world itself!
AoW4 tutorial: Units. PravusGaming explains about units and how to transform and enchant your species to create entirely new races of ultimate power. You can completely change your faction to make them giantoids, or undead, or one with the earth. The possibilities are endless!
AoW4 tutorial: Strategy Map. PravusGaming explains the realm strategy map, movement, exploration, expansion, cities, and much more! All the many things you can do as you fight for control, power, and resources.
AoW4 tutorial: Armies and Combat. The most important part of warfare is winning. PravusGaming is sharing how to create powerful armies, tactics to use in combat, and strategies to defeat your opponents. Use unlimited combinations of armies to outsmart your enemies.
AoW4 tutorial: Economy. Building a successful economy for your empire will allow you to expand and wage war with efficiency. JumboPixel is here now to show you how to earn money, food, production, and more in Age of Wonders 4!
AoW4 tutorial: Diplomacy and Rally Lieges. Everything from neutral factions, allegiance, rally of lieges, and also how this will change your alignment to either good or evil! JumboPixel shows all the diplomacy options that you'll be using in Age of Wonders 4.
AoW4 tutorial: Victory and Pantheons. JumboPixel explains how to win in Age of Wonders 4 and the Pantheon will make sure each victory makes a difference in your future games.

Developer diaries[edit | edit source]

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No. Title and Link Description Date
16 Release Day ... 2023-05-02
15 Victory Conditions ... 2023-04-27
14 Sieges ... 2023-04-20
13 Diplomacy ... 2023-04-14
12 Music ... 2023-04-06
One Month Till Launch! (April Fools!) ... 2023-04-01
11 The Art of Age of Wonders 4 ... 2023-03-30
10 Heroes: Warriors, Governors, Story Characters ... 2023-03-23
9 Ancient Wonders ... 2023-03-16
8 Cities and Expansion ... 2023-03-09
7 Exploration and Meeting the Neighbours ... 2023-03-02
6 Narrative events ... 2023-02-23
5 Faction creation ... 2023-02-16
4 Realms and the Pantheon ... 2023-02-09
3 Narrative: Story and Lore ... 2023-02-02
2 Affinities ... 2023-01-26
1 Game Vision ... 2023-01-19
0 Age of Wonders 4 is coming soon! ... 2023-01-19

References[edit | edit source]