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The empire development screen.

The empire development screen contains empire skills and rites that can improve the empire's economy and unlock important abilities. Empire skills are empire-wide modifiers while empire rites are a one-time bonus applied at the time of unlock.

The skills are ordered in a tree-like view with 6 branches for each of the magical affinities and 1 general branch. There are 10 empire skills and 2-3 empire rites per branch -- with the rites being scattered at different levels within each branch.

The skills become available for activation once enough magical affinity of the branch's type has been accumulated -- the amount accumulated per turn is listed at the root of the branch. Once available, a skill/rite can be activated at the cost of Resource imperium.png imperium.

General empire skills[edit | edit source]


  1. The affinity accumulated in the general branch is equal to the sum of all 6 magical affinities.
  2. The Empire affinity general.png general branch has the only repeatable rite (Expanded Governance) in the whole tree. Its cost is increased by 300 Resource imperium.png imperium with each activation.
Name Type Empire affinity general.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression basic seafaring.png Basic Seafaring Skill 20 50 Unlocks the ability for Units to embark and use vessels to cross the water, and for Flying and Floating units to travel over water.
Progression excavation.png Excavation Skill 40 75 Unlocks the ability for Units to Excavate Earthen terrain in the Underground.
Progression road building.png Road Building Skill 80 75 Unit can build roads on the World Map.
Road Building can be enabled in the Army panel. Roads are built on hexes along which the Army moves and cost 3 Resource gold.png Gold per hex.
Progression expanded governance.png Expanded Governance Rite 80 200 Increase the City Cap by +1 City stats Tier.png.
Progression diplomatic focus.png Diplomatic Focus Skill 120 100 Gain +1 Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone.
Progression rite of the last stand.png Rite of the Last Stand Rite 120 150 Each city in your Empire loses -1 Population.png Population, but immediately summons 3 Tier I Units.
Progression advanced seafaring.png Wizard King Skill 160 50 Gain +10 Casting points combat.pngCasting points world map.png Casting Points.
Progression advanced sensing.png Advanced Sensing Skill 200 100 Your Units and Cities gain +3 Sensing Range.
Progression forced march.png Forced March Skill 300 150 Unlocks the ability for your Armies to use Forced March.
Progression siege specialization.png Siege Specialization Skill 400 150 Gain +1 Siege Project slot.
Progression teleporter infrastructure.png Teleporter Infrastructure Skill 500 200 Cities can now build Province improvement teleporter.png Teleporter Province Improvements.

Astral empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity astral.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression casting reserves.png Casting Reserves Skill 10 50 Gain +20 Casting points combat.png Combat Casting Points Casting points world map.png World Map Casting Points.
Progression astral inspiration.png Astral Inspiration Skill 20 75 Whenever a new Research Skill is researched, the Resource knowledge.png Knowledge cost of another random Skill is reduced by -25%.
Progression adaptive research.png Adaptive Research Skill 40 100 Locking and Shuffling Research Skills costs -50% less.
Research City Structures cost -50% less Resource gold.png Gold and Resource structure production.png Production to build.
Progression quickening.png Quickening Skill 80 150 Spells can now be cast on the first turn Turn of Combat.
Progression rite of astral abundance.png Rite of Astral Abundance Rite 80 150 Instantly gain +1000 Resource mana.png Mana.
Progression philosopher soldiers.png Philosopher Soldiers Skill 120 200 Gain Resource knowledge.png Knowledge whenever a Unit gains a rank.
Progression philosopher soldiers.png Mana Extraction Skill 120 200 Province improvement teleporter.png Teleporter and Province improvement conduit.png Spell Jammer Province Improvements grant +10 Resource mana.png Mana Income.
Progression surge spellcasting.png Surge Spellcasting Skill 160 250 Casting a Combat Spell reduces the cost of all other Combat Spell types by -25% for 2 turn Turns.
Progression rite of the astral summons.png Rite of the Astral Summons Rite 160 250 Immediately summon an Army of Magic Origin Units with Low Maintenance at your Throne City.
Progression ingredient experimentation.png Ingredient Experimentation Skill 200 300 Your Throne City gains +15 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge for each Magic Material your Empire has access to.
Progression focused studies.png Focused Studies Skill 300 350 Province improvement research post.png Research Posts grant +5 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge.
Province improvement conduit.png Conduits grant +5 Resource mana.png Mana.
Progression rite of conjuration.png Rite of Conjuration Rite 300 350 Immediately conjure a defended Magic Material near each City in your Empire.
Progression teleportation mastery.png Teleportation Mastery Skill 400 400 Armies are restored to full Hit points Hit Points and regain 50% of their Move Points after using a Province improvement teleporter.png Teleporter.
Province improvement teleporter.png Teleporters grant +15 Resource mana.png Mana income.
Progression astral binding.png Astral Binding Skill 500 500 New Magic Origin Units gain +3 Ranks.

Chaos empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity chaos.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression call of chaos.png Call of Chaos Skill 10 50 Defeating an Infestation grants you a unit based on the Infestation defeated.
Progression impressment.png Impressment Skill 20 75 Unit tier I Units cost -30% Unit Upkeep.
Progression battlefield looting.png Battlefield Looting Skill 40 100 Gain +3 Resource gold.png Gold per Unit Tier of the Units killed in Combat.
Progression lure of the horde.png Lure of the Horde Skill 80 150 When you win in battle, you have a 50%% chance of gaining a Tier I or II unit that can be produced in a city.
Progression rite of war.png Rite of War Rite 80 150 Instantly summon a bandit Army under your control to your Throne City.
Progression skilled raiders.png Skilled Raiders Skill 120 200 Pillaging a Province takes -1turn turns and yields +50% more rewards.
Pillaging Units are healed for +20 Hit points Hit Points.
Progression war slaves.png War Slaves Skill 160 250 Razing Cities grants +1 Population.png Population to one of your Cities for every 3 Population.png Population of the city that was razed.
Progression rite of chosen warriors.png Rite of Chosen Warriors Rite 160 250 Your Cities gain +500 Resource unit production.png Draft this turn Turn.
Progression tireless marchers.png Tireless Marchers Skill 200 300 Forced March costs -50% less Resource mana.png Mana and inflicts -50% less damage to your Units.
Progression spoils of destruction.png Spoils of Destruction Skill 300 350 Razing Cities yields +20 Resource gold.png Gold permanent income.
Progression destined conquerors.png Destined Conquerors Skill 400 400 +30 Casus belli.png Grievances against all other Empires. These cannot be traded or lost.
Gain +50 Resource gold.png Gold and +50 Resource mana.png Mana per active Diplomatic state war.png War you are involved in.
Progression reign of destruction.png Reign of Destruction Skill 500 500 Razing Cities takes -2 turn Turns less.
Razing Cities yields +50% more resources.
Gain a Unit tier 3 Unit of the razed city's culture.
Progression rite of possession.png Rite of Possession Rite 500 500 Your Throne City loses -1 Population.png Population but immediately summons a Balor with Power from Slaughter

Materium empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity materium.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression military engineering.png Military Engineering Skill 10 50 Outposts cost -50% Resource gold.png Gold less, take -1 turn Turn less to build and start with the Palisade Wall Structure built.
Progression consolidated industry.png Consolidated Industry Skill 20 75 Province Improvements grant +1 Morale.png for each adjacent Province Improvement of the same type.
Progression metropolitan society.png Metropolitan Society Skill 40 100 Cities that share a border with the Throne City gain +10% in all types of income.
Progression warsmithing.png Warsmithing Skill 80 150 Province improvement mine.png Mines grant +10 Resource unit production.png Draft.
Progression rite of the armorer.png Rite of the Armorer Rite 80 150 Gain the Breastplate of the Champion hero item.
Progression specialist districts.png Specialist Districts Skill 120 200 Special Province Improvements grant +5 Resource gold.png Gold.
Progression master masons.png Master Masons Skill 160 250 City Structures cost -20% less Resource gold.png Gold to build.
Progression rite of wealth.png Rite of Wealth Rite 160 250 Instantly gain +2000 Resource gold.png Gold.
Progression siege masters.png Siege Masters Skill 200 300 Gain +1 Siege Project slot.
Siege Projects cost -25% less.
Progression indomitable defenders.png Indomitable Defenders Skill 300 350 Your units gain +20 Morale.png Morale at the start of any Combat where their side is defending.
Your Cities suffer no economic penalties while under Siege.
Progression rite of the dreadnought.png Rite of the Dreadnought Rite 300 350 All currently active Units permanently gain +1 Defense Defense and +1 Unit stats resistance.png Resistance.
Progression resourceful vigor.png Resourceful Vigor Skill 400 400 Your Units regenerate an additional +1 Hit points Hit Point per 2 Move Points they have remaining at the end of your turn Turn.
Progression martial ancestry.png Martial Ancestry Skill 500 500 Unit Upkeep is reduced by -10% per Rank that unit has.

Nature empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity nature.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression fruitful integration.png Fruitful Integration Skill 10 50 Founding or Absorbing Cities takes -2turn turns.
Newly Founded or Absorbed Cities gain +1 Population.png Population.
Progression soiltenders.png Soiltenders Skill 20 75 Province improvement farm.png Farms grant +5 Resource food.png Food.
Progression natural recovery.png Natural Recovery Skill 40 100 Your units regenerate an additional +15 Hit points Hit Points per turn Turn in friendly Domain.
Progression expert sailors.png Expert Sailors Skill 80 150 Coast and River Provinces grant +2 Resource food.png Food.
Rivers count as roads for the purposes of movement for your units.
Progression rite of the guardian spirit.png Rite of the Guardian Spirit Rite 80 150 Immediately summon a Spirit Wolf with Guardian Spirit and Resurgence at your Throne City.
Progression expansive reach.png Expansive Reach Skill 120 200 Cities may expand to Provinces located +2 Province further from the center.
Progression wild expansion.png Wild Expansion Skill 160 250 Completing a Province Annexation summons an Animal Unit under your control, depending on the province.
Progression rite of expansive growth.png Rite of Expansive Growth Rite 160 250 All Cities in your Empire instantly gain +1 Population.png Population.
Progression natural order.png Natural Order Skill 200 300 Provinces with the Forest Province Feature grant +2 Morale.png.
Progression druidic care.png Druidic Care Skill 300 350 Cities gain +5 Resource mana.png Mana for each Resource Node in their Domain.
Progression rite of awakening.png Rite of Awakening Rite 300 350 Instantly gain +20 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge for each Province in your empire's Domain.
Progression rangers.png Rangers Skill 400 400 Movement cost for friendly Units in your Domain is reduced by -2 Move Points.
Progression druidic empire.png Druidic Empire Skill 500 500 Acquiring new Population.png Population requires -50% less Resource food.png Food.

Order empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity order.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression pacification.png Pacification Skill 10 50 Destroying an Infestation or Conquering a Free city.png Free City grants a stacking +300 Relations to all other Free city.png Free Cities for 10 turn Turns.
Progression diplomatic channels.png Diplomatic Channels Skill 20 75 Gain +1 Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone.
Progression tributaries.png Tributaries Skill 40 100 Vassals grant +10 Resource gold.png Gold in tribute.
Progression career soldiers.png Career Soldiers Skill 80 150 Shock Units, Shield Units, and Polearm Units gain Experience.png Experience +20% faster.
Progression rite of allegiance.png Rite of Allegiance Rite 80 150 Instantly gain +20 Allegiance.pngAllegiance with all Free city.png Free Cities.
Progression exemplar.png Exemplar Skill 120 200 Units recruited through Rally of the Lieges gain +2 Rank upon recruitment.
Progression benevolent conquerors.png Benevolent Conquerors Skill 160 250 Vassals gain +1 Allegiance Levels when first Vassalized.
Converting conquered Cities into Vassals takes -1 turn Turn.
Progression rite of enduring duty.png Rite of Enduring Duty Rite 160 250 All your Units instantly regain all Hit points Hit Points and non-Hero Units gain +1 Rank.
Progression justified wars.png Justified Wars Skill 200 300 Gain +20 more Casus belli.png Grievances against players with an opposing Alignment.
Progression house levies.png House Levies Skill 300 350 Recruiting Units during the Rally of the Lieges costs -50% Resource gold.png Gold.
Time between Rallies of the Lieges is reduced by -5 turn Turns.
Progression master of houses.png Master of Houses Skill 400 400 Your Vassals grant +10% more resources in tribute.
Progression knightly orders.png Knightly Orders Skill 500 500 Units of Legendary Rank gain a buff depending on their unit type.
  • Shield Units gain Order of the Unbreakable.
  • Polearm Units gain Order of the Tyrantslayer.
  • Shock Units gain Order of the Thunderer.
  • Skirmisher Units gain Order of the Windborne.
  • Support Units gain Order of the Soulwarden.
  • Battle Mage Units gain Order of the Warmage.
  • Ranged Units gain Order of the Titanslayer.
  • Fighter Units gain Order of the Berserker.
  • Mythic Units gain Order of the Indomitable.
Progression rite of the banners.png Rite of the Banners Rite 500 500 Call a Rally of the Lieges event, where you may recruit units at no cost.
Gain +10 Rally of the lieges.png Recruitment Points.

Shadow empire skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Empire affinity shadow.png Affinity Resource imperium.png Cost Effects
Progression knowledge extraction.png Knowledge Extraction Skill 10 50 Gain +50 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge per level of Heroes defeated in combat.
Progression all-seeing.png All-Seeing Skill 20 75 Free city.png Free Cities with a Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone assigned instantly provide you with Vision Range.
Free city.png Free Cities or Vassals with a Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone assigned grant you +10 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge.
Progression shadow binding.png Shadow Binding Skill 40 100 Magic Origin Unit Upkeep is reduced by -20%.
Progression death magic.png Death Magic Skill 80 150 Gain +5 Casting points combat.png Combat Casting Points per unit death or kill in combat.
Progression rite of the cryptblade.png Rite of the Cryptblade Rite 80 150 Gain the Cryptblade hero item.
Progression stolen power.png Stolen Power Skill 120 200 Gain +200 Resource mana.png Mana and +200 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge upon completing conquest of a city.
Progression court of whispers.png Court of Whispers Skill 160 250 Gain the ability to assign Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stones to other empires' Vassals to gain their tribute.
Gain +1 Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone.
Progression rite of forbidden knowledge.png Rite of Forbidden Knowledge Rite 160 250 Instantly gain +500 Resource knowledge.png Knowledge.
Progression exalted by shadows.png Exalted by Shadows Skill 200 300 Your Heroes gain Experience.png Experience 100% faster.
Progression shadow domain.png Shadow Domain Skill 300 350 Your Units gain Universal Camouflage in your Domain.
Progression rite of the exalted.png Rite of the Exalted Rite 300 350 All your Heroes instantly gain +1 Rank.
Progression dark vigor.png Dark Vigor Skill 400 400 Your Armies regenerate +10 Hit points Hit Points per turn Turn in Hostile Domain.
Progression spying shadows.png Spying Shadows Skill 500 500 Immediately reveal the full World Map.
Your Throne City gains infinite Sensing Range.
Armies in Sensing Range reveal their numbers and allegiance.

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