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Free cities are cities that do not belong to any empire. Player empires can declare war on neutral Free Cities to conquer them, which will lower the empire's alignment by 5. Making peace with a Free City costs Resource gold.png Gold. You may find Free City armies occupying certain nodes in the world: If you bring an army led by a hero to them, and you are on good terms, they will offer to leave in exchange for Resource imperium.png Imperium.

Communication channels[edit | edit source]

Empires may give Free Cities one of their Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stones, which will slowly improve Allegiance.png Allegiance with a Free City.

Depending on Allegiance.png Allegiance, an empire may have the following relations with a Free City:

Relations Allegiance Effect
Diplomatic state neutral.png Neutral -11 to 22
Diplomatic state pact of cooperation.png Pact of Cooperation 12 to 27
  • Opens borders
  • Enables trading with up to two resource trades
Diplomatic state pact of loyalty.png Pact of Loyalty 27 to 44
  • Shares vision
  • Allows building on claimed provinces
  • Contributes by 2 to Rally of the Lieges
  • Reinforces in combat against Marauders and empires the Free City is at war with
Diplomatic state pact of vassalage.png Pact of Vassalage 45
  • Vassalage

Vassalage[edit | edit source]

Once an empire reaches 45 Allegiance.png Allegiance with a Free City, the city will become a Vassal and allegiance will change back to 0. Vassals reinforce their liege in combat against all enemies, though an overlord cannot use their vassal's teleporters. A Free City can only be a Vassal to a single empire. Vassals also provide additional benefits scaling with their Allegiance.png Allegiance.

Vassalage Allegiance Income shared Rally of the Lieges contribution Trading costs Shares magic materials Enables integration
Denying Tributary -100 to -80 0% 0 +100%



Minor Tributary -80 to -40 10% 1 +50% Yes


Tributary -40 to -10 20% 2 +25% Yes


Vassalage -10 to 10 30% 2 0 Yes


Bonded Vassalage 10 to 40 40% 3 -10% Yes


Flourishing Vassalage 40 to 80 45% 4 -15% Yes Yes
Supreme Vassalage 80 to 100 50% 5 -20% Yes Yes

Relationship[edit | edit source]

The amount of Allegiance.png Allegiance yielded every turn by a Resource whispering stones.png Whispering Stone is affected by your relationship with the free city. Your relationship can be increased through regular interactions, like establishing trade treaties or recruiting heroes from that city (+50 each), or through special events.

Relationship Score Allegiance modifier
Hostile <= -600 -5
Suspicious -599 to -400 -3
Cautious -399 to -200 -1
Indifferent -199 to 199 0
Respectful 200 to 399 +1
Trusting 400 to 599 +3
Friendly >= 600 +5

Releasing your own cities[edit | edit source]

Cities belonging to an empire may be released for a refund of 100 Resource imperium.png Imperium. This can be useful if you are over your City Cap. This process may be started from the City Information panel, which is accessed by clicking the cog icon in the city management interface. Under the Settings tab, you will find the option to "Release as Vassal City". The reward for releasing a city means that founding a free city from ruins costs no Resource imperium.png Imperium, and that reanimating city ruins effectively trades Resource souls.png Souls for Resource imperium.png Imperium.

Releasing a city as a vassal will take as many turns as the city has tiers: A city with a third tier town hall will take three turns to release, while a newly created city will only take one. Players cannot set production or draft for a city that is being released, but their automated governor may still take these actions as it sees fit.

Once released, the free city will be your vassal and your diplomatic state will be determined by its former Morale.png Stability. A "Stable" city will start with a "Vassalage" bond, but an "Unstable" one would become a "Tributary".

Due to a bug in v1.002.004, Free Cities created in this way will not behave like the ones created on map generation. This stunts their development and prevents them from launching raids against players they may be at war with.

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