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The pantheon rewards

Once a Godir has achieved victory in a Realm, it will have the option to ascend to the Pantheon. Once ascended, the Godir may be set to appear in other realms either as a recruitable Hero or as another Ruler. Godir can be removed from the Pantheon at any time. A Pantheon's name may be changed at any time from the Pantheon Leaders tab.

Each game played will grant the following amount of experience to the Pantheon:

  • 500 per victory
  • 250 per defeat (surrender does not count)
  • 100 per empire defeated
  • 25 per Ancient Wonder cleared
  • 25 per Infestation destroyed
  • 25 per Tome unlocked
  • 10 per Hero level gained
  • 10 per Hero defeated
  • 10 per Free City allegiance improved
  • 10 per Free City vassalized
  • Additional experience will be given for the difficulty of the realm, unless cheats have been used

Once enough experience has been obtained the Pantheon will level up, granting a point to spend on the following rewards:

Barbaric Warlord Helmet Wizard Hat Knight Helmet
Barbaric Warlord Banner Icon Wizard Banner Icon Knight Banner Icon
Barbaric Warlord Cape Wizard Cape Knight Cape
Barbaric Warlord Hero Origin Wizard Culture Trait Tyrant Knight Hero Origin
Ranger Cape Druid Cape Prophet Cape Artisan Cape
Ranger Banner Icon Druid Banner Icon Prophet Banner Icon Artisan Banner Icon
Ranger Crown Druid Crown Prophet Crown Artisan Crown
Ranger Culture Trait Druid Hero Origin Prophet Culture Trait Artisan Culture Trait
Cryomancer Cape Geomancer Cape Necromancer Cape Warlock's Cloak Rogue Cape
Cryomancer Banner Icon Geomancer Banner Icon Necromancer Banner Icon Warlock Banner Icon Rogue Banner Icon
Cryomancer Crown Geomancer Crown Necromancer Crown Warlock Crown Rogue Hood
Cryomancer Hero Origin Geomancer Hero Origin Necromancer Hero Origin Warlock Culture Trait Rogue Culture Trait
Godir's Crown