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A Ruler may ascend to the Pantheon by conquering a realm, from where they may join future conquests, or oppose them. There are three types of realms:

  • Story Realms tell the story of the Fourth Age of Wonders and the return of the Godir. The first chapter must be played with a Champion godir and do not allow settings beyond difficulty. There are 5 story realms to unlock and play.
  • Challenge Realms have a predefined set of traits to give a unique realm to be explored and conquered. Additional ones can be unlocked by increasing the Pantheon level.
  • Custom Realms allow manual choosing of the following realm traits:

Geography[edit | edit source]

The geography trait is the only mandatory realm trait and determines how many landmasses are in the realm, how are they separated from each other, and how are empires distributed on the landmasses.

Geography trait Landmasses Empires per landmass Landmass separation
Barren Oceans Several 2-3 Uninhabitable Desert
Coast One All
Continents Several 2-3 Ocean
Divide Two Half Ocean
Islands Many 1 Ocean
Land One All
Lava Divide Two Half Lava
Lava Lakes One All
Scarred Divide Two Half Desolate Ocean

Climate[edit | edit source]

The climate trait determines which provinces and province features are common, which are rare, and which are absent.

Climate trait Common Rare Absent
Desert Realm Desert provinces Forest province features
  • Arctic provinces
  • Desolate provinces
  • Highlands provinces
  • Temperate provinces
  • Wetlands province features
Endless Fields
  • Temperate provinces
  • Grassland province features
  • Food resource nodes
Desolate provinces
Forming Realm Desolate provinces
Frozen Realm
  • Arctic provinces
  • Highlands provinces
  • Desert provinces
  • Desolate provinces
  • Temperate provinces
  • Tropical provinces
  • Highlands provinces
  • Mountain provinces
Overgrown Realm Forest province features
  • Arctic provinces
  • Desert provinces
Desolate provinces
Scorched Climate Desolate provinces
  • Arctic provinces
  • Highlands provinces
  • Temperate provinces

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The inhabitants trait determines the composition of independent armies.

Inhabitants trait Effects
Astral Invaders Mana resource nodes and pickups are defended by Ethereal Astral Sea monsters
Demonic Realm Fiend units are common
Dragon Territories Dragon infestations are common
Immortal Spirits Ethereal units are common
Lingering Creators Giant and Ogre units are common
Low Population Free Cities are rare
Magic Origins Magic origins units are common
Megafauna Animal units are common and Marauder animal units gain Empowered Beasts
Peaceful Lands Animal, Fey and Plant units are common
Rampant Flora Plant units are common
Rampant Undeath Undead units are common
Wildlands Animal units and infestations are common and Constructed Ancient Wonders are absent

Presence[edit | edit source]

The presence trait adds powerful developed empires to the realm. Almost all presence traits must be unlocked by reaching the required Pantheon level.

Presence trait Effects Required pantheon Level
Pretender Kings
  • Adds 3 empires that start with 3 cities each and at war with each other
  • Whoever forms an alliance with or defeats each empire is Victorious
Domain of the Frost Queen
  • Adds 1 empire that starts with 3 cities including a large Throne City
  • Empire's units have Frostling Transformation
  • Whoever defeats the empire is Victorious
Artisan Kings
  • Adds 2 empires that start with a massive Throne City and a Vassalized Free City
Druidic Alliance
  • Adds 2 empires with powerful Nature skills and an alliance with each other
The Librarian
  • Adds 1 empire with powerful Astral skills, 2 cities and accelerated research
  • Whoever defeats the empire is Victorious
Iron Emperor
  • Adds 1 empire with powerful Materium skills and 2 cities
Archon Prophet
  • Adds 1 empire that starts with a large Throne City and all Free Cities vassalized
  • Whoever defeats the empire is Victorious
Demon Prince
  • Adds 1 empire that starts with 3 cities including a large Throne City
  • Empire's units have Demonkin and Supergrowth
  • Whoever defeats the empire is Victorious

Misc[edit | edit source]

Each realm can have up to 4 misc traits, which apply a variety of effects that adjust the game rules or otherwise provide twists to the realm.

Environmental effects[edit | edit source]

Environmental effect Effects Excludes
Arctic Blizzards
  • Arctic provinces and affected by Arctic Blizzards
  • All surface combat is affected by Arctic Blizzards
  • Units in these provinces suffer Arctic Blizzards
Desert Realm
Scorched Climate
Crystalline Abundance
  • Mana resource nodes and pickups and abundant
Domain of Mayhem
  • All combat is affected by Domain of Mayhem
Massive Underground
  • The Underground is bigger
Small Underground
Small Underground
  • The Underground is smaller
Massive Underground
Volcanic Eruptions
  • Desolate provinces and affected by Volcanic Activity
  • All surface combat is affected by Volcanic Eruptions
  • Units in these provinces suffer Volcanic Heat
Overground Realm
Endless Fields
Warping Wilds
  • Each strategic turn all unowned surface provinces have a small chance of transforming their province feature to new ones
Forming Realm
Wondrous Past
  • Ancient Wonders are abundant

Free city modifiers[edit | edit source]

Free city modifier Effects
  • +5 Empire Recruitment Points
  • +25% Rally of the Lieges Chance
City States
  • +5 Free City Starting Population
  • -50% Whispering Stone Strength
Distrusting Locals -3 Whispering Stone Strength
Hostile Houses
  • -10 Starting Allegiance
  • -400 Starting Relations with City States
Might Makes Right
  • +10 Allegiance with all City States per conquered City State
  • +2 Vassal Allegiance when vassalized through conquest
  • -50% Whispering Stone Strength
No Free Cities Free Cities are absent
Ruined Realm
  • Free Cities are rare
  • City Ruins are common

Rule modifiers[edit | edit source]

Rule modifier Effects
Deathcasting Units grant their owner +10 Combat Casting Points on death
Disdain for Evil All empires gain Grievances against empires with Evil Alignment
Megacities Cannot absorb, migrate or settle new Cities
Cities can perform Province Annexation +5 provinces further away
No Respite Empire units suffer No Respite
Regenerating Infestations Infestation emerge in unoccupied provinces every 10 turns
Underground Start Each Throne City is placed Underground
Unlimited Power Can cast multiple combat spells per turn
Combat spells cost +200% Mana

Unit modifiers[edit | edit source]

Unit modifier Effects Excludes
Curse of Undeath
  • Marauder and Free City units gain Curse of Undeath
Frostling Influence
  • Independent units gain Frostling Transformation
  • Independent units gain Frost Blades
  • Independent units gain Frost Arrows
Desert Realm
Scorched Climate
  • Marauder units gain Supergrowth
High Maintenance
  • +100% Unity Upkeep
  • -50% Unit Recruitment Cost
  • Empire and Free City units gain Immortal
  • Routed units are never lost
Curse of Undeath
  • -2 Unit Vision Range

Story[edit | edit source]

The following traits are only present in certain story realms and cannot be added to custom realms.

Trait Effects Realm
Harmonious Lands
  • High tier Ancient Wonders are Absent
  • High tier Infestation Spawners are Absent
Fields of Rebirth
Ancient Ruins
  • City Ruins are common
Valley of Wonders
  • Center of the map is lava
  • Edge of the map is mountains
Crimson Caldera
Eternal Battleground
  • All empires and free cities are at war with each other
Crimson Caldera
Fractured World
  • Astral Rifts are the only Infestation types present
Forbidden Domain
  • All units are affected by Condemned
Holy Protectors
  • All roaming wildlife is affected by Celestial Enchantments
Custodian's Dogma
  • Free cities are rare
  • Free cities cannot be negotiated with

Realm Settings[edit | edit source]

Realm settings determine how each game will play out. It includes the following settings:

  • Player Distance determines the distance between each Throne City. Together with the Players setting it determines the size of the map.
  • Players determines the number of empires in the game. Together with the Player Distance setting it determines the size of the map.
  • Turn System has two settings. When set to Classic Turns, all empires act in order. When set to Simultaneous Turns, all empires act at the same time. Simultaneous Turns are not available if a player controls multiple empires.

Advanced Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Custom Rulers allows or disallows the AI from using custom empires.
  • Teams enables the team setting for each empire and disables most diplomacy between empires. Empires on the same team will be in a permanent alliance while empires on different team will be in a permanent war.