Tome of Rock

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Tome of Rock
Tome of Rock
  • Empire affinity materium.png +2 Materium affinity
  • Province improvement quarry.png Central Quarry
  • Unit type hero.png Obsidian Weaponry
  • Casting points combat.png +5 Combat casting points
  • Casting points world map.png +5 World casting points

"Earth! Rock! The very foundation of the world beneath our feet. Embrace it. Harness it. Use its sollidity for both protection and pain. Call forth minions of stone, and turn your own skin into the hardest rock!"

– Blint the Underdelver, First Protector of the Molemen

Summary[edit | edit source]

Empire affinity materium.png Tier 1 - Smash your enemies with the force of stone. Specialize in increasing your defenses and dealing Damage type physical.png Physical Damage.

Tome skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Tier Type Effects
Gargoyle 1 Unit
Spell rock blast.png Rock Blast 1 Casting points combat.png Damage spell
Spell stone skin.png Stone Skin 2 Casting points combat.png Buff spell
Spell earthkin.png Earthkin 2 Casting points world map.png Minor race transformation
Summon Lesser Stone Spirit 2 Casting points world map.png Summon spell

Strategy[edit | edit source]