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Tomes are collections of spells, hero skills, units and special province improvements that a empire may research, as well as a passive ability. Tomes come in 5 tiers. Tier I and II tomes grant +5 Casting Points. Tier III and IV tomes grant +10 Casting Points. Tier V tomes grant +15 Casting Points.

Tier I tomes are always available. To unlock a higher tier tome, the empire requires knowing at least two tomes from the previous tier. For tier IV, you'll need 6 Affinity of the corresponding magic, tiers V will require 8 Affinity. You can only have one tiers V tome in a game.

Astral tomes[edit | edit source]

All Astral tomes grant +2 Empire affinity astral.png Astral affinity.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells
Tome of evocation.png
I Channeling Tower Lightning Weapons
  • Fulmination
  • Lightning Focus
  • Evoker
  • Lightning Blades
  • Summon Lesser Storm Spirit
  • Lightning Torrent
Tome of warding.png
I Bolstering Support
  • Staves of Warding
  • Summon Phantasm Warrior
  • Mark of Invulnerability
  • Magical Wards
  • Static Shield
Tome of amplification.png
II Resonance Fields Spell Amplification
  • Amplified Arrows
  • Conjure Amplification Pylon
  • Frenzy Focus
  • Amplify Minds
  • Astral Blood
  • Chain Lightning
Tome of scrying.png
II Precognition
  • Mental Mark
  • Scry Enemy
  • Summon Watcher
  • Guided Projectiles
  • Tower of True Sight
Tome of teleportation.png
  • Chrono Gate
  • Seed of Astral
Quick Phase
  • Astral Trade Relay
  • Phasing Enchantment
  • Emergency Teleportation
  • Mass Recall
  • Summon Phase Beast
Tome of summoning.png
  • Summoning Well
  • Seed of Astral
Wisp Familiar
  • Conjure Crystal Keeper
  • Summon Astral Serpent
  • Arcane Bond
  • Arcane Restoration
  • Arcane Supercharge
Astral Convergence
Tome of astral convergence.png
IV Root of Astral Arcane Surge
  • Arcane Maelstrom
  • Astral Shattering
  • Explosive Manifestation
  • Astral Attunement
  • Cascading Power
The Astral Mirror
Tome of the astral mirror.png
IV Root of Astral Magic Deflection
  • Astral Revelation
  • Summon Astral Reflections
  • Summon Mirror Mimic
  • Mirror Veil
  • Throne of Mirrors
The Arch Mage
Tome of the arch mage.png
V Heart of Astral Maximized Magic
  • Astral Travel
  • Cosmic Overdrive
  • Time Stop
  • Disruption Wave

Chaos tomes[edit | edit source]

All Chaos tomes grant +2 Empire affinity chaos.png Chaos affinity.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells
Tome of pyromancy.png
I Ritual Pyre Searing Weapons
  • Summon Lesser Magma Spirit
  • Ignite
  • Searing Blades
  • Pyromancer
  • Fiery Arrows
  • Immolate
The Horde
Tome of the horde.png
I Mob Camp Battle Seeker Training
  • Fury of the Horde
  • Houndmaster
  • Spawnkin
  • Blaze of the Horde
  • Summon Irregulars
Tome of mayhem.png
II Mark of Misfortune
  • Curse of Misfortune
  • Mark of Misfortune
  • Summon Gremlin
  • Infectious Insanity
  • Sow Confusion
Tome of revelry.png
II Carnival of Flesh Reveler's Triumph
  • Bloodfury Weapons
  • Revels of Carnage
  • Skald
  • Revels of Blood
  • Reveler's Heart
Tome of devastation.png
III Seed of Chaos Flameburst Weapons
  • Flameburst Weapons
  • Focus of Devastation
  • Unleash the War Hounds
  • Warbreed
  • Construct Devastator Spheres
Tome of pandemonium.png
III Seed of Chaos Havoc Magic
  • Incite Revolution
  • Vessels of Chaos
  • Havoc Magic
  • Mass Hysteria
  • Summon Chaos Eater
Chaos Channeling
Tome of chaos channeling.png
IV Root of Chaos Chaotic Rebuke
  • Fan the Inferno
  • Golden Horde
  • Scion of Flame
  • Daemonic Focus
  • Gremlin Ambushers
The Daemon Gate
Tome of the demon gate.png
  • Daemon Gate
  • Root of Chaos
Demonic Anthem
  • Daemonic Summoning
  • Fight for Power
  • Abyssal Flames
  • Sacrificial Slaughter
  • Demonkin
The Chaos Lord
Tome of the chaos lord.png
V Heart of Chaos Daemonic Slaughter
  • Summon Balor
  • Daemonic Onslaught
  • Incite Rebellion
  • Call Forth Avatar of Chaos

Materium tomes[edit | edit source]

All Materium tomes grant +2 Empire affinity materium.png Materium affinity.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells
Tome of enchantment.png
I Runecarver's Camp Sundering Strikes
  • Spell-Tempered Shields
  • Summon Copper Golem
  • Awakened Tools
  • Seeker Arrows
  • Sundering Blades
Tome of rock.png
I Central Quarry Obsidian Weaponry
  • Gargoyle
  • Rock Blast
  • Earthskin
  • Stone Skin
  • Summon Lesser Stone Spirit
Tome of artificing.png
II Golem Mine Golem Assistant
  • Artisan Armament
  • Construct Bolt Repeaters
  • Iron Golem
  • Artisan Fortifications
  • Siege Magic
Tome of winds.png
II Avenging Winds
  • Abducting Cyclone
  • Dust Storm
  • Favorable Winds
  • Windborne Scouts
  • Summon Wind Rager
  • Zephyr Archer
Tome of terramancy.png
III Seed of Materium Leaden Blows
  • Crushing Earth
  • Earth Shatter
  • Seismic Shock
  • Summon Stone Spirit
  • Tremor Ritual
Tome of transmutation.png
III Seed of Materium Adaptive Armor
  • Melt Armor
  • Transmute Resources
  • Transmuter
  • Adaptive Armor
  • Steel Skin
The Crucible
Tome of the crucible.png
  • Great Foundry
  • Root of Materium
Meteor Strikes
  • Fortified Crucible
  • Lava Burst
  • Pyroclastic Eruption
  • Meteor Arrows
  • Meteor Shower
The Golden Realm
Tome of the golden realm.png
  • Bazaar of Wonders
  • Root of Materium
Gilded Magic
  • Luxury Markets
  • Gliding Blast
  • Gold Golem
  • Goldtouched
  • Reagent Refinery
The Creator
Tome of the creator.png
V Heart of Materium Ancient of Earth
  • Call the Titan of the Earth
  • Tectonic Shatter
  • Create Earthshatter Engines
  • Eternal Earth

Nature tomes[edit | edit source]

All Nature tomes grant +2 Empire affinity nature.png Nature affinity.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells
Tome of beasts.png
I Wildlife Sanctuary Pack Leader
  • Mark as Prey
  • Animal Kinship
  • Summon Wild Animal
  • Call of the Wild
  • Wildspeaker
Tome of roots.png
I Herbalist Poison Weapons
  • Healing Roots
  • Poison Blades
  • Summon Entwined Thrall
  • Vine Prison
  • Poison Arrows
Tome of fertility.png
II Bountiful Fields Revitalize
  • Animate Flora
  • Restore the Land
  • Temple of Fertility
  • Blossom of Life
  • Summon Nymph
Tome of glades.png
II Sacred Meadow Forest Warden
  • Create Forest
  • Glade Runner
  • Leafskin
  • Aspect of the Root
  • Summon Entwined Protector
Tome of cycles.png
III Seed of Nature Withering Decay
  • Diffuse Health
  • Parting Gifts
  • Cycle of Seasons
  • Druid of the Cycle
  • Projectiles of Decay
Tome of vigor.png
III Seed of Nature Animal Handler
  • Summon Greater Animal
  • Totem of the Wild
  • Empowered Beasts
  • Supergrowth
  • Unleash Beast
Nature's Wrath
Tome of natures wrath.png
IV Root of Nature Nature's Avenger
  • Awaken Instincts
  • Destructive Regrowth
  • Devolve
  • Awaken the Forest
  • Summon Horned God
Tome of paradise.png
  • Garden of Bliss
  • Root of Nature
Inspiring Icon
  • Enchanted Bloom
  • Exhilarating Pollen
  • Nature's Beauty
  • Blessing of Paradise
  • Fortress of Vines
  • Gaia's Chosen
The Goddess of Nature
Tome of the goddess of nature.png
V Heart of Nature Avatar of Nature
  • Force of Nature
  • Forest Awareness
  • Mass Rejuvenation

Order tomes[edit | edit source]

All Order tomes grant +2 Empire affinity order.png Order affinity.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells
Tome of faith.png
I Abbey Mending Touch
  • Faithful Whispers
  • Chaplain
  • Wrath of the Faithful
  • Staves of Mending
  • Army Heal
  • Convent
Tome of zeal.png
I Circle of Zealotry Condemn
  • Condemnation
  • Summon Zealot
  • Fanatical Workforce
  • Legion of Zeal
  • Inspiring Chant
The Beacon
Tome of the beacon.png
II Champion of the Faithful
  • Conjure Divine Beacon
  • Blessed Reinforcements
  • Covenant of the Faith
  • Mighty Meek
  • Summon Lightbringer
The Inquisition
Tome of the inquisition.png
II Tithe Collector Zeal
  • Burden of Guilt
  • Inquisitor
  • Mass Condemnation
  • Tribunal
  • Inquisitor's Zeal
Tome of sanctuary.png
  • Sanctuary
  • Seed of Order
  • Anointed People
  • Consecrated Domain
  • Healing Spires
  • Keeper's Mark
  • Salvation
Tome of subjugation.png
III Seed of Order Terrifying Aura
  • Final Ultimatum
  • Subjugation Raid
  • Tyrant Knight
  • Baron's Palace
  • Intimidating Aura
Tome of exaltation.png
  • Ruler's Statue
  • Root of Order
Exalted Brilliance
  • Angelize
  • Ascended Warriors
  • Resurrect Unit
  • Shrine of Smiting
  • Temple of the Exalted
Tome of supremacy.png
IV Root of Order Supreme Magic
  • Condemn Army
  • Eagle Rider
  • Monument of Supremacy
  • Anthem of Victory
  • Supreme Magic
The God Emperor
Tome of the god emperor.png
V Heart of Order Conjure Dome of Protection
  • Divine Protection
  • Exalted Champion
  • Wrath of the Emperor
  • Mass Revive

Shadow tomes[edit | edit source]

All Shadow tomes grant +2 Empire affinity shadow.png Shadow affinity. Half of them also unlock or improve the Soul Harvest ability, which lets the empire gain Souls based on the number of enemies killed in a victorious battle, and animate City Ruins, Skeleton units, and Heroes in the Crypt.

Tome Tier Province improvement Hero skill Spells Soul Harvest
Tome of cryomancy.png
I School of Cryomancy Frost Weapons
  • Ice Coffin
  • Frost Arrows
  • Frost Blades
  • Summon Lesser Snow Spirit
  • White Witch
  • Blizzard
Tome of souls.png
I Soul Collector
  • Bone Golem
  • Soulbind Army
  • Soul Fire
  • Soul Overflow
  • Soulbinders
Tome of necromancy.png
II Soulwell Unholy Leader
  • Necrotic Magic
  • Raise Zombies
  • Restore Undead
  • Rotting Explosion
  • Necromancer
The Doomherald
Tome of the doomherald.png
II Doomdepth Trench Cruel Weaponry
  • Cause Despair
  • Prelude of Doom
  • Summon Banshee
  • Cruel Weaponry
  • Joy Siphoners
The Cold Dark
Tome of the cold dark.png
  • Frostspire
  • Seed of Shadow
Blinding Magic
  • Flash Freeze
  • Summon Snow Spirit
  • Veil of Darkness
  • Frostling Transformation
  • Marching Winter
The Great Transformation
Tome of the great transformation.png
III Seed of Shadow Weakening Aura
  • Desecrate Structure
  • Domain of Death
  • Necrotic Spires
  • Fetid Legion
  • Wightborn
Tome of oblivion.png
IV Root of Shadow Mind Crush
  • Devouring Void
  • Ritual of Somnia
  • Sleep of Oblivion
  • Summon Living Fog
  • Fog of Insanity
The Reaper
Tome of the reaper.png
IV Root of Shadow Greater Corpse
  • Construct Soul Siphons
  • Greater Reanimation
  • Harvest Population
  • Mark for Death
  • Summon Reaper
The Eternal Lord
Tome of the eternal lord.png
V Heart of Shadow Eternal One
  • Raise Undead Army
  • True Death Magic
  • Withering Mist
  • Battlefield Reanimation