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The below is a collection of PDX video tutorials for Age of Wonders 4.

Age of Wonders 4 tutorials[edit | edit source]

AoW4 tutorial: Faction creation. PotatoMcWhiskey shows the infinite possibilities within Age of Wonders 4's custom faction creator. Whether you're making super-buff giant rats, necromantic dwarves, or arcane-wielding moles; this game has it all. Learn about faction form, traits, tomes, and leaders!
AoW4 tutorial: Realms. PotatoMcWhiskey showing off all the ways to make every single game interesting. Pick a realm to conquer, be it a pre-made option or create a custom one with many available parameters to choose form.
AoW4 tutorial: Magic and Tomes. PotatoMcWhiskey shows how to wield powerful magic via tomes the that you will choose. As your faction progresses you will unlock powerful new magics, transformations, and spells that will change how you fight, how you build, and even the world itself!
AoW4 tutorial: Units. PravusGaming explains about units and how to transform and enchant your species to create entirely new races of ultimate power. You can completely change your faction to make them giantoids, or undead, or one with the earth. The possibilities are endless!
AoW4 tutorial: Strategy Map. PravusGaming explains the realm strategy map, movement, exploration, expansion, cities, and much more! All the many things you can do as you fight for control, power, and resources.
AoW4 tutorial: Armies and Combat. The most important part of warfare is winning. PravusGaming is sharing how to create powerful armies, tactics to use in combat, and strategies to defeat your opponents. Use unlimited combinations of armies to outsmart your enemies.
AoW4 tutorial: Economy. Building a successful economy for your empire will allow you to expand and wage war with efficiency. JumboPixel is here now to show you how to earn money, food, production, and more in Age of Wonders 4!
AoW4 tutorial: Diplomacy and Rally Lieges. Everything from neutral factions, allegiance, rally of lieges, and also how this will change your alignment to either good or evil! JumboPixel shows all the diplomacy options that you'll be using in Age of Wonders 4.
AoW4 tutorial: Victory and Pantheons. JumboPixel explains how to win in Age of Wonders 4 and the Pantheon will make sure each victory makes a difference in your future games.

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